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Cost of Striiv app

Why do some sights say free iPhone app for Striiv app but it comes up as $4.99?

At one point the Striiv app was free.  I'm not sure why they think someone who pays will not feel cheated with this many bugs though.

The app is still free to my knowledge if you buy their Play pedometer device but I'm not 100% certain on that, or how they make it free.  Would be great if a rep of Striiv would chime in.

When I started using the Striiv app, it was free.  At one point, though, I would have sworn that they were asking people to pay them $2.99 to support their efforts and I was enjoying it so much, I did.  They now offer to remove ads for 5,000 gems, which if you buy them is $4.99, which I have done. I guess maybe things have changed and now they are charging for the app, which is a crime considering all of the problems they are having.  The latest release of the app provided for MANY new bugs.  It even brought back problems that the release before had corrected.  I don't get that at all.

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