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Does customer service EVER respond?

My Striiv Play died. When it first happened they were very quick to respond and I have an open ticket that says "send us your device" -- that was July 1. On July 10th my Play was received by the company (according to the USPS). 

Since that time I have not had ANY contact with customer service. I was led to believe that I would receive my new device within 3-5 days or at least hear from customer service in that time. I have opened 2 additional tickets, responded to tickets and emailed customer service directly.

I now don't have my Play and no replacement to be seen. 

Has anyone else returned a device and what was YOUR experience? I am really concerned that I've been taken.

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Most of us have noticed that customer service response form Striiv can be painfully slow and lacking.  I believe we you will find plenty of sympathy on this.   I have tickets with no response well over a month.

So how about the rest of you?  Want to give us some idea on your current customer support wait times?

OMG! Don't get me started! These people are on my you know what list big time. My wait time hasn't been as long as yours, Chris, but the lack of response is just ridiculous. I just discovered that if you tap on forum from the homepage it takes you nowhere. I just sent them a support ticket asking what the deal was and why they're doing this. It was after doing that that I was able to get here and see that the questions are still here. I'm not sure what's happening with that forum option at the top of the home screen, but it doesn't work. It's all just so frustrating!

I believe the other forum offline was a outage at the provider.  it seems to be back now.

Last night I had one support ticket Change status without an response to me from 14 days ago.  Ironically the support ticket was my support ticket status should not be changed/closed without notification to the customer ticket.

I also received a response on my 11 day old ticket that my Chat page will not load.  No resolution but at least confirmation is was being looked into.

In Striiv's defense on the first, this customer support system is actually relatively new and I suspect the status changes were the cause of updates to the program not Striiv actions I hope.

I am also having no response from Striiv...but I thought it was interesting that someone had time to remove my request for a customer service phone number on their Facebook page.  I realize how difficult customer service can be to manage but it is a key aspect to any product.  Since a week has passed, with no response, I am shifting from a daily Striiv user to looking for a new product all together.  

I have sent two items in for resolution and just got one back after 14 days ( the other still no response). One of my questions was answered which basically told me they couldn't help me (Striiv Play problem) and the second question in the same email was not responded to at all. I call this NO customer service. I am having issues with My Land ( all the plants/buildings I have built are now replaced with low level bougainvillaeas) and am searching the site to see if I can fix it by reading the forums. Only to find out others are having the same issue and no response from Striiv...


9 days and counting!!!!  Their customer service use to be good- you could call and talk to a live person.  I lost everything on my Striiv when I performed a sync on my computer and now I cannot get a response from Striiv.  2 years worth of data gone!!!  I am ready to throw it away and start new with another product from another company. 

For the last 2 years I've given Striivs to people a Christmas presents, not any more!!!!!

Striiv you are losing business fast!!!!

UPDATE: Jill from customer service took the time to research my issue and came up with a resolution that I am very happy with. Kudos to Jill!!!

It's horrible because we paid good money for this device for it to malfunction/break and not to have customer service respond to request in a timely manner.  I purchased my Striiv in May and it broke in July. Bitter Taste!  After reading the post from other dissatisfied customers, I know not to expect a quick response.

Update to my original post: never did hear from CS but did receive my replacement Play about a week ago. So far so good. I sincerely hope I never have to deal with CS again :(

I finally received a response to my three tickets in one e-mail.  All they said was that they were sorry for the delayed response, but they are inundated with tickets and they are working on them.  They asked that I consider the one e-mail acknowledgement that they got all of my tickets.  Wow...lots of help there.  My first ticket was dated 07/23 and their response was dated 08/02.  I have heard nothing since then and no resolution to my issues either.


I'm so hooked I can't walk away, though...sad...very sad.

My Striiv also died about a month ago and I have been going back and forth with them since then with no success. I mailed the devise back as instructed and it was received by them. A new one should have been here by now. My ticket status is "waiting for a reply from me" which I have done numerous times so I am not not sure what that means. The last I heard they had bumped my case up to a supervisor but I haven't heard anything else since then. I hope that doesn't mean I will ne starting over in this process. All very frustrating which is too bad because I really liked the device and thought it worked really well, when it was working.

I've enjoyed my Striiv app on my iphone 5 for quite a while now.  This morning it just stopped working.  When I click on the app Striive appears for a few seconds and then just blinks off.  I've accumulated a lot of "stuff" and have a lot of coins, gems and energy stored up.  I've tried turning the phone off and that doesn't work.  I need your help.  I miss my Striive.


Striiv's typical response is that you should uninstall and re-install the app.  If you need help on how to do that, drop us another post and I'll give you some details on how.

I found the place to be heard!  Type in and you get David Wang's Facebook page!  He is the Striiv CEO.  Go there and send him a message!  Let him know how dissatisfied you are with all that is going on with this app!!

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