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Every move not connecting?

Saw a couple of updates ago that we could now sync with everymove. When will it be enabled?

It appears to my that support for linking the striiv account to the everymove account which used to work has been removed.. Any chance in that coming back?

Hi Grant, the app gallery function seen in the Striiv app menu (which is used to link Striiv data with Everymove and other supported apps) is currently offline while our engineers work to fix the link. Apologies for the inconvenience. For updates, stay tuned to our Facebook page!

There still the ptoblem. When it gonna to be solved?

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Any information?

I had that happened with the Striiv Smart Pedometer. Sometimes steps are not being counted.

For my opinion 3 month is quite enough to "fix the link".... are you trying to solve the problem, or we must forget about this feature?
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