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Touch Screen Won't respond

Unit is charged. Recycling/repowering unit works like normal, unit warms up, then goes to menu screens, able to scroll through using back arrow.

But unit does not respond when touching the screen.


At home screen, press to unlock, unit does not respond to touch!

My unit does not have a hole to insert a paperclip (as noted in other posts).

Please Help!

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I am having the same problem on my first day of using the Striiv.  Did you get an answer or should I just exchange for a new one?

The sreen on my device will not come on and there is no reset hole. I just got it 4 hours ago and it has been charging but not really sure if it is charging but the screen will not come on. Fix it or replace it!



I had to reset mine one time and the reset hole for he paper clip is on the charger case. I hope this helps
I have been having a problem where my touch decides not to count steps. I just leave it alone and eventually it starts counting again. No pattern, not at midnight, just whenever it wants. I love the product but I cannot count on it to be used as s serious pedometer
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