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Mobile Data Usage

Has anyone else notice that the Android app is using a ton of data?  I am using the latest version of the Android app(1.0.590p) with the Striiv Touch (Hardware version 3.31, Software version 1.157) on a Samsung Galaxy S5 with its stock Andoid 4.4.2.  Everything seems to be working fine, except that the app is contantly transmitting data.  Why?  Is it constantly syncing to something?  I am using mobile data like crazy.  Luckily I am on WIFI often, but when I am not, the app is using mobile data at a rate of 1 MB every tem minutes.  What is up with that?  There should be no reason for this app to use data like that.

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My app has used 1.99 GB between Jul 22 and Jul 29.  This is unacceptable.

I've set it to Restrict Background Data.

Just Jul 27 - Jul 29 it's used 838 mb.  I believe it's the same thing draining the hell out of my battery.  I also believe it's tied to Friends and syncing the statuses.  I can't for the life of me think of anything else.  I only have a 500MB per month allotment.  I still have 16 days left before my plan cycles it over.

There needs to be an option to sync over wifi only.  That's what I use.  I only use my cell connection for internet if I absolutely have to.

Striiv used around 700MB of data in a single day when I first paired my Touch to my Galaxy S4. My battery was shot in less than 10 hours, which is pretty much due to the app using my data continuously. When I pair to my iPad, everything works fine and there is no excessive data usage or battery drain. I tried to repair my Touch to my Galaxy recently with the goal of turning off background data for the app, but now my Galaxy can never find my Touch, even after multiple factory resets and phone restarts. It still works just fine with my iPad. Seems until more work is put into the Android side of the app, it's not useable. People who got the Touch and only have Android devices are SOL for now.
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