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computer compatible

On the box it shows a picture of a computer as an option. Says works with windows. This is a lie and nowhere on the site does it mention computers at all or the additional accessory you can purchase! What's the story! Very upset.

Hi Angela, 

Apologies for the late reply to your question. We are currently working on responding to outstanding questions and concerns on the forum. We made a mistake when listing the Touch as compatible with a computer. Someone somewhere along the development process thought that this was a possibility before the Touch was released, and so it was decided that we would list this on the box. We have since realized that linking with a computer is far more complex and costly than we had first imagined. As a result, most Touch packaging lists that the Touch is compatible with a computer when it actually isn't. We are very sorry for the confusion that this has caused. If you still have your device and would like to know what is compatible with it, follow this link: 



Striiv Customercare

So...Does this mean that you will not be developing a windows app after all? When I inquired about this, this is the response I received. 

 ""Thanks for contacting us! When we first were developing the Fusion we had we could develop a way to link the device with a Windows or Mac computer. This turned out to be more difficult than we had first imagined. The message on the box indicating that an additional accessory is necessary is sort of our way of saying we're still working on making PC linking a reality. In regards to a Windows app, we have seen multiple requests for this and I can confidently say it will be the next platform we develop an app for. I will add you to the tally of interested users on our phone/tablet support log. Thanks for sharing your interest!""

This was on the 13th of Feb, 2015.  Also, is it really that hard to remove the Windows icon and the fine print about needing an accessory for windows from the packaging?  I do NOT think that Windows and/or Microsoft would appreciate anyone using their company to boost sales. I'm sure if they fully knew your product does not work and "...the confusion that this has caused.", makes them look like they are knowingly supporting a product that does not work with their OS there would be issues.

Hi Joseph, 

 For the moment, I can't give you a straight yes or no without violating NDAs, getting fired, getting sued, and possibly being forced to join the French Foreign Legion. 

 What I can tell you: A Windows PHONE app is on the way (and if I read Windows 10 potential specs correctly, that would make it a Windows 10 app as well). The packaging will be changing, but that doesn't help us with packages that are already in the warehouse/in the stores. As for a Mac/Windows native application, I honestly can't say at this point. 

 What I CAN say in regards to that, is the more tickets that are filed requesting syncing to a computer, and the more emails we get at requesting syncing to a computer the more it would be prioritized. I know this kind of sounds like a non-answer, but its the truth. Software development (and packaging design) isn't the fastest process in the world, and since we're a small company, we need to heavily prioritize where the most demand is. 

' Come on the world doesn't run on apple. This is dissapointing that I can't use the fusion bio hr without setting up first. I have an older iphone without 4.0 bluetooth. I can't even see if I like this unit until I set up. Come on all the others fitbit, garmin etc have windows capability.

If you want to be a player in the wearable technology market get with the program. This looks like a great device, but I can't even try it.

Get the windows compatiblity fixed asap. This may be a good cheaper alternative.

thank you

I agree with Steven completely!

I might be switching to a Fitbit pretty soon if this doesn't change.

Well I borrowed a friends iPhone 5s to set up my striiv. Tested out the hr feature. Kept getting a message that I needed to be still to get reading. I was sitting at my desk and still hr couldn't be read. This is supposed to be an activity tracker, how is that possible when you have to be completely still to get an hr reading? Are you kidding me I was sitting at my desk and still my hr couldn't be read. Sorry striiv this is a swing and a miss. I have returned mine to Best Buy. Going to try the mio fuse as you can go for a run or do high intensity activity and it will read your hr. I need an activity tracker to monitor my recovery hr and clearly the striiv won't do this. Steve
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