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Turning the Fusion on (waking up)

I really just wanted a digital watch very much like the Fusion. After shopping and finding the Fusion I figured the Fusion's ability to notify me and let me read messages on my watch would offset the ability to see the time all the time.
My problem is, it doesn't wake up easily. Can you upgrade the wake function? Make it recognize a swipe pattern, recognize a certain shake, anything?

The scenario is me, in a meeting, trying to inconspicuously look at my watch to see the time. If it woke up from a double tap easily every time I could live with that, but it doesn't. I've got to the point where I tap it 5 to 10 times, say the Lords Prayer, and hope it is awake, and even that doesn't always work. (the Lords Prayer part was a joke).

How about waking it up with a full swipe left then right? How about 2 full swipes up?

In a business situation I want to be able to use the Fusion to stay connected to messages on my phone, and the time, without making it obvious that my mind is not fully engaged with the customer. To make this possible the darn thing needs to wake up when I want it to.

Great product otherwise!

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I have the same issues with the Touch

I have received 2 upgrades to the firmware on my Fusion since my original post and its response is greatly improved. I also have started tapping it on its side to wake it which seems to work much better as well. I thought the contact with the touch screen is what was waking it before. Now I believe it is the movement, or vibration from tapping it, so you don't need to hit the screen, just tap it on its side.

Hope this helps.

Yes the upgrades have help with this problem.  When I first got mine the touch was programed to turn on with touching the screen now it uses the gyro function with movement so by tapping on its side it will wake up 

The side tap approach (or clapping...cue 80's infomercial) does help, but it's still really inconsistent. For the purposes of inconspicuously checking time, it's problematic. I wish there was an optional setting to leave the display on all the time, perhaps at low brightness unless you manage to cajole it into waking up, even though it would kill the battery life.


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I have no trouble turning on my Fusion. I just flick the band twice, near the edge of the pod, with my finger. Works every time.I would send you a video, but having trouble uploading.


Here is video of how I wake up my Fusion. Works every time.
I really wish it could just be left on at low brightness all the time. I really want to use this as a watch, but I don't want to have to set down my coffee (for example) to see what time it is. :/
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