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Time and date format

I've got a Touch and the doesn't appear to be any way to switch the date/time format from US to Uk (or European) fromat. Currently it shows 12hr clock and date in the MM/DD format and I'd like it to show 24hr clock and DD/MM format.

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Date and time displayed on the Fusion and Touch is based on the date and time on your phone/tablet. Every time the device is re-connected with the Striiv Activity Tracker app, the time and date are updated on the device. 

The Mon(th)/day date format was previously a planed feature, and we are keeping a tally of users who are interested in this feature. The international (DD/MM) date format and 24 hour time format are popular requests which have a high probability of being developed. Stay tuned!

This may not be a solution for you but I have a Fusion and all I do is sync it with my computer every week and it always updates...try it anyway

I also want to know how to change the time/date format. Your video shows the time and Oct. 3 but on my new Fusion it shows the time and 7/6. If there is no way to change the format then you are engaging in false and misleading advertising!

My touch is about 4 hours off and will change to another day or midnight around 9pm so that ends the number of step for the day and if I did not look at that time I missed it. Of course I do no like that .

How do I change the time to be correct?

I was looking for the same thing.

What is the solution - not the problem.  

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