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provide non-walk/run sports profiles or tweak parameters

I'm an avid racquetball player (it's similar to squash, for example see But most of my play does not register as steps so I'm sure the step count is being filtered by algorithms designed for walking or running. Can you allow profiles in your settings for different sports? Or at least, allows us a handful of parameters to tweak that would give some sensible results for our sports. I mean, I play an hour of competitive racquetball and all I register is a couple thousand steps, and I walk a 1/4 mile from the train station to work and back, and register a comparable amount? clearly something is being filtered...

If you couple a tweaked number of steps with the heart rate on the fusion bio, this should give a much better idea of the number of calories burned/effort spent. (but all I'm really asking for at this point is ability to tweak the step detection algorithm).

please consider an improvement request!

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Rowing (stationary or otherwise) is another non-step workout that needs to have good tracking of calorie expenditure.


It appears that most of those kinds of steps are being discarded by the filtering algorithm, thus my request. I mean, to get "around" this, I have determined that a "good workout" for me is 6000 striiv-type steps playing racquetball (about 3 hours of hard playing), so I set that as my goal. But this is not a real number. It just tells you when you're going to hit your predetermined effort. I think that's the best I can do until they decide to do something about it...

As for the calories and what not, it's a long shot because it's probably based on number of steps (and a few other things). But on a Bio, one could incorporate the heart rate to do the caloric calculation.


I second this!  I do 90 mins of High Intensity Interval training every morning and it says I do only a couple hundred steps, burn about 30 calories and have 5 minutes of active time.  Which is 100% Incorrect.  I burn over 1000, take a few thousand steps and have over 120 mins of active time as I am up and about for hours before hand.  It's really frustrating.  It actually totally defeats the purpose of the band for me.  I wish had done more research before requesting the Striiv Fusion as a Christmas gift from my BF.  I would hardly call the Striiv bands activity trackers, more of just a suped up pedometer.  

Hi Edmond, thanks for the additional feedback! We've seen sports profile tracking requests before, and you've been added to the tally of interested users on our feature request log. 

There is a function built into the Fusion Bio step tracking algorithm meant to prevent "false steps" from tracking when repetitive motion is detected (e.g. while typing on a keyboard or riding in a car). While this function does an excellent job of preventing false steps from tracking, it does increase the need for continuous motion in order for activities to register steps accurately. 

All this being said, we are always testing our step tracking algorithm against both physical step counts and competitor product step counts to find areas in need of tweaking to reach a higher level of accuracy. Stay tuned!

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