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Whats new about the update

I just got the new update but I don't know what change how can I check what new about the update??

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No idea. I updated and it seemed exactly the same. Except that the app failed to graph my sleep last night (0hrs) even though bio did track it. Hope that is just a fluke and not a bug in the update.
Oh, and I was hoping it was going to sync with apps, but still not syncing with everymove
I noticed that the game is no longer working on my app. It's like I can no longer see the whole screen. Anyone else having this problem?

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Same...lost MyLand...Friends...hope things return back to normal!
I have the same issue, you can't see the bottom of the screen. Sometimes you can swipe up to see it, but it does not work on all of the screens. I have the quest screens attached.


(31.4 KB)
(44.6 KB)
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