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challenges??? so effective!

I was one of the early users of the original striiv pedometer. I don't understand why striiv has discontinued the challenges that would randomly pop up. There was NOTHING that would get me out of my chair at work like those challenges. I would always say, awww I can get up and just do a few flights of stairs! those energy points were so tempting! That was a great motivator as well as the game itself. I also liked the relays vs sir bacon, the robot, and the other dude. Why can't those still be part of the striiv app? most especially the challenges. I hated declining a challenge! It was very effective.

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in addition, why can't it be that we initiate challenges with any striiv user anywhere that we are "friends" with thru the app? a stairs challenge from the striiv itself like the old pedometer, or by real friends. Get out of your chair and the first to do five flights of stairs wins! LOL

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