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How to remove logs

 Fusion 2.

Android app.

I am only using the Fushion as an alarm.  On the Log screen I can move logs up and down. But how do I remove/delete/uninstall all BUT the Sleep log.

The main screen is too busy with all those logs.

Plus, why is there a game on this thing?  I did not realize ten year olds were using this device!

 adding a screen shot from my phone

Hi Seth,

At this time, you are only able to collapse and move activity tiles -- it's not possible to remove tiles. I have added your feedback to our Feature Request Log, however.



Striiv Customer Care

I am hoping the next up date or soon will fix this. Not only does it make the App too busy, but the device to as way too many icons. Plus this is not a toy - so no reason for a game to be included! Thanks.
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