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Striiv Fusion Bio 2 wristbands

I purchased my Bio2in Sept 2017,since then it has run beautifully and I am very pleased. I now want to purchase replacement wristbands,however I refuse to pay close to the price I paid for the Striiv itself! I live in Canada, and with the exchange and

Is there any other way to get just a replacement band to Canada for cheaper $?

same problem, i received 3 wristbands with tracker, 2 are now worn so they dont hold the tracker, it keeps falling out. The last wristband is a small red one which barely fits me and I think looks out of place for me. Amazon has wristbands but only exotic colours, no black or grey and not cheap.

Hi Dale, I ended up buying the three pack from the Striiv website, the white. navy blue and teal ones. The white looks good, haven't tried the other ones yet

Striiv please make the bands stronger to last longer!!!!  And please make black bands available to buy!!!

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