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Android version issues

 I have been using the Android version for about a month and really like it, especially that it syncs to MyFitnessPal.  One issue, however, is that some days I'll check my steps, but zero will be recorded.  My phone is kept in my pocket, and I also use Noom pedometer, which records my steps accurately.  My question is:  do i have to "turn on" the striiv app for the steps to start counting?  It seems some days the app automatically starts working and some days it only starts after I've officially opened the app.  Noom counts my steps regardless if I open the app or not.  Please help.

Another Android issue I've encountered.

I bought the Striiv band yesterday to use with my HTC One (it has 4.3 and newer software version installed). The band is charged and I am able to connect it to my phone when the band is plugged in. Unfortunately, the Striiv app becomes extremely unstable when the band is connected, and will stop working after 20-30 seconds.

Another unfortunate problem is that the band won't connect unless it is plugged into the charging cradle. I can tap the band (the band will respond to the taps, showing my progress bars), clear the app's cache, force the app to quit, restart the phone, go into the bluetooth settings to make sure the band is paired, uninstall/reinstalll the app.... all to no avail.

I really like the band's fit and interface, the idea of playing the game, the concept of the fitness tracker app, but if i can't get it to sync with my phone or get the app to stay open long enough to remember my goals then it's useless.

My wife's band is working great with her ipad.

 I've had the same problem. I've tracked it down to (1) whether phone has been off or on. If phone has been off or battery low, I have to sign back in. (2) Some times checking stats or other items will log out of Striiv, so I have to recheck. (3) the weirdest is if my phone touch screen stays on while striiv is in use & gets touched without proper exit of screen, it will sign out of Striiv and/or loose all steps esp if a challenge is being done. I use a little extra care & have had little problem since figuring these things out. I am keeping track of any other issues.

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