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err: 4

 I was syncronizing my play for the first time, and the sign err: 4 appeared, somebody knows what to do? thank you

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I have the same issue. Have you resolved your problem? I did a hard reset with a paper clip for 30 sec, but the problem still exists. 

I am having the same issue.  Anyone hear anything back?


Did the same for my & I posted a support ticket, hope it gets solved soon as its a new unit & I would like to start using it.

Has anyone gotten a resolution to this problem or has every one returned their unit??? 

 Hello, after two day of no answer (about the error 4) I will tell you what I did:

1. Charge your striiv play, on the pc, or directly to an ac power, until it says Lets Go

2. Do not install the application in a pc, or laptop, it didnot work for me, I had window 8 in my laptop and the program does not work with windows 8, in my pc I have windows 7 prof, and the program does not work with that also.

3.You have to have an I Pad 3, 4 or an Ipod, or IPhone 4S, 5; IOS 7.0 

4. Download App Striiv.

5. Write your name and profile

6. Turn on your striiv play pressing the scroll button, to syncronize it. (by the bluetooth) you will see your name on the striiv.  You can also see the tutorials on yahoo.

7. FINALLY Start walking and enjoy!!!!

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