When you take your brand new device out of the box and get it charged up, you may see some characters on your screen, like 0 0 3 D or similar - this is the pairing code that is used to connect your device with the Striiv app.


When you install the Striiv app and successfully create a Striiv account, you will be prompted to pair a Striiv device to the app. If you skipped over this initial prompt to pair, you can pair your Fusion Bio with the app from the Striiv app menu (appears as 3 bars on the top left) by selecting 'pair device' or 'pair'. During the pairing process, the app may ask you for a pairing code - this will be the four characters that are displayed on the screen of your device. Enter them into the app, and the final stage of the pairing process will start!


If you have any questions, drop us a line at customercare+bio@striiv.com!