While the Fusion Bio does begin tracking your distance traveled when you first pair it with the Striiv app, some adjustments may need to be made to ensure distance activity is being tracked accurately. As a general reference, distance data is calculated using 3 factors: number of recorded steps, speed of those steps, and your set stride length. 

The adjustable aspect of this formula is stride length, which can be changed to any number of inches/centimeters* (unit preferences shown in app settings) under user settings visible in the app menu (3 bar icon on the upper left). 

Stride length is set automatically based on your entered height when you create your account, but this auto-setup isn't always accurate. To accurately set stride length, lay a tape measure on the ground stretched out several feet, then take a normal step measuring from the front of one foot to the front of the other foot. 

Enter your measured stride length into the adjustable function in user settings, and you're all set! As always, if there are any questions regarding stride length and distance data that haven't been answered, feel free to email us at customercare+bio@striiv.com. 


*Is your stride shorter than 2 feet and you're using the iOS app? Stride length in the iOS app can currently only be set to a minimum distance of 2 feet, but not to worry - there is a workaround for this:

  1. Under app settings visible in the app menu, select unit preferences and change this to kilograms and kilometers.
  2. Next go into user settings (in the app menu) and change your stride length to the equivalent stride length in centimeters.
  3. Finally, go back to app settings and change units back to pounds and miles. 

You'll notice your stride length now displays correctly!